Among Us

Among Us

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Best game to keep contact with friends during quarantine

Bored of not being able to go out and meet friends by the great epidemic? Play Among Us, the game will help you test the credibility of your friends with you and destroy friendships.

Among Us gather 4-10 players into one space ship, each must complete their mission while tracing the identities of dangerous impostors. The impostor can only be destroyed through voting out, the only alternative option to win is that crew members must to complete all tasks including the dead. On the other side, the impostor only needs to kill certain people to win while having the ability to sabotage and escape the scene quickly by vents.

Once you start, you can't trust anyone, including your best friends, or silently finish them off one by one with the oddly satisfaction feeling. Tense rounds of debates sweat with accusations and lies that make you feel like discovered another side of yourself.

Additional Information

Category Games
Developer Innersloth LLC
Latest Version 2020.10.22
File size 75M